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Credit hire is in the majority of cases where a hire vehicle is provided as a replacement vehicle when your vehicle has been damaged as a result of a motor accident, which was not your fault. If your vehicle has been written off, the period of hire will usually be from the date of the accident to when your vehicle is replaced. If your vehicle is repairable but undriveable the period of hire will be from the date of the accident to the date the vehicle is repaired. If your vehicle is driveable after an accident, you will be expected to still drive the vehicle but can be provided with a replacement hire car whilst your vehicle is in for repair. The total cost of the credit hire is later recovered from the insurance of the person who was at fault for the accident.

Thompson Chapman have over 25 years’ experience in credit hire and deal with credit hire for various types of vehicles including:

  • Cars 
  • Private hire taxis
  • Prestige vehicles 
  • Commercial vehicles 
  • Motorbikes

We understand that credit hire can be a contentious area of law and our experience allows us to deal with credit hire issues and litigation whatever the complexity of the issues. 

Thompson Chapman are acutely aware of the importance of a speedy recovery of the hire charges whilst also achieving a high percentage recovery of the charges. Cash flow is king.

We endeavour to work closely with the credit hire company during the period of hire to be able to pick up the baton quickly once the request for payment is made to the fault driver’s insurer. 

Thompson Chapman are able to assist not only in the recovery of credit hire charges but also assist the person or persons who were not at fault for the accident in the recovery of other losses such as: 

  • Loss of earning
  • Damage to property 
  • Personal injury 

Thomson Chapman in the vast majority of cases will deal with the matter on a no win, no fee basis meaning that there is no financial risk to the  client.

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